Just a wonderful tour, Shiry offers. It was the best of our three tours in Paris, because it was thrilling to see all these (in our case brand new) pieces of street art, to dive into Shiry’s universe and to learn a lot about the community. And last but no least: to do a stencil ourselves. A really great experience.

Barbara, Bonn, Germany
June 2019

This was an unique experience to see a part of Paris I would have miss otherwise. Seeing different artists work as well as Shiry’s was great. I thank Shiry for her time, knowledge and passion.

June 2019

Shiry is a fantastic tour guide since she is an artist herself. She showed us all different kinds and locations of street art. This was so much fun and I strongly recommend to do this tour.

Alexandra, Meerbusch, Germany
July 2018

Shiry’s tour exceeded our expectations. She was so knowledgeable, fun and very talented. We loved getting to know new areas of Paris and learning about street art. We really really really loved being able to create works of our own. We would thoroughly recommend this tour and would do it again!

Charlie, New Plymouth, New Zealand
October 2017

Shiry’s tour of the street art characteristic of Belleville was a highlight of our trip to Paris. And we are New Yorkers, accustomed to graffiti and street art. But Shiry’s landscape is wider than the exciting work that she points out on the walls of buildings or on lamp posts or doorways. She included interesting stories about the transformation of Belleville in recent years, and even earlier when the section was predominately Jewish, pointing out the local police station where Jews were forced to report during the Nazi occupation. Shiry also explained the work of different artists and the techniques they employ to express their passion and social statement. Along the way, Shiry showed us how to do our own works, using spray paint and stencils. Of course, we were not as accomplished as she, but it was lots of fun. Our favorite work by Shiry was of the pregnant African woman and its meaning of women’s rights and freedoms as well as creation. TAKE THIS TOUR. It’s fun, daring, and perfect for a trip to Paris.

Flip, New York, United States
October 2017